Mixture of top down and bottom up processing

Tapping into wisdom of our heart, mind and body

Somatic & yoga based

breath work, bodywork, movements.

Psychology framework

concepts, understanding, application



Leaders, Trainers, Coaches, Parents, Friend, Spouse, Partner, Human.


Work, Community, Management, Sports, Arts.


Inter departments, Organisation building, Strategic planning, Company retreat.

Some possible options are: 
– Public workshops/sessions
– Private 1:1 coaching/mentoring
– Small group coaching/mentoring
– Customised programmes for staff retreat (both leisure and strategic), team development, corporate wellness, etc. 

However, we understand that each individual, team and organization is different.
And we pride in providing support that is suitable for your needs and the needs of your team and organisation.


This is the first step to transformation. This type of sessions will offer perspectives, distinctions and broaden the 'lens' of participants. Do also note that we intentionally chose the heart icon because, some things are not seen by the eyes.


This is usually what comes after awareness to put in place something to prevent or alter a course of events. This is not in a negative manner but as a way of expanding the range of thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.​​


This is one of important but likely forgotten or neglected aspect of growth. With awareness and learning different ways of thinking, feeling and action but not practicing them is as good as reading how to swim from a book and not really going to swim in the water.

For public workshops and trainings, check out our Facebook event page.

For private or corporate coaching/mentor/sessions, have a chat with us so we can better understand your needs and share how we can support you or your team!